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Privacy Policy

At RealGambling, our aim is to ensure complete clarity and openness. We understand the frustration with extensive fine print and complex legal terms. Our approach is to keep things straightforward. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us. Note that our Privacy Policy was last revised in January 2024. We periodically review and update our policy. Rest assured, should there be any significant changes that might affect you, we will inform you in advance.

Our Privacy Promise

We are committed to consistently safeguarding your privacy and maintaining simplicity in our processes. Transparency is key for us, so we’ll always be clear about the data we collect and the reasons behind its use.

Our Privacy Policy

As a company headquartered in Malta, we operate under the framework of European data privacy laws, predominantly adhering to the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection Contact

Should you have inquiries about how RealGambling handles your personal data, or if you want to submit a request for data access or exercise any of your privacy rights, please feel free to reach out to our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

Information we get from you

Accessing the RealGambling website does not necessitate the provision of personal information. However, as detailed further, we do gather certain data from the device you use to visit our site. Should you reach out to us directly, we will maintain a record of your contact details and the nature of your inquiry.

Information we get from your device

When you access RealGambling, we gather data from the devices you use. This encompasses various details such as:

  • Your IP address (essential for internet connectivity and website interaction).
  • Type of hardware.
  • Operating system and its version.
  • Software specifics.
  • User agent.
  • Comprehensive device information including preferred language, serial numbers, information on device movement, mobile network details, and your geographical location.

Web Server Log Data

Our web servers maintain logs that capture information like:

  • Times and dates of your website access.
  • Specific features or pages viewed.
  • Instances of app crashes or other system activities.
  • The external site or service you were using just before visiting our site.
  • The URL you visit immediately after ours.

Usage of Hotjar on Our Website

We employ Hotjar, an external service, to enhance our website’s functionality. Hotjar helps us by recording user interactions such as:

  • Mouse clicks.
  • Movements.
  • Page scrolling.
  • Text input in website forms.

This information is crucial for us to enhance user experience, identify and resolve errors, and improve overall site functionality. Additionally, the data serves for statistical analysis regarding website usage and performance.

Information we get via Cookies

‘Cookies’ are small digital files stored in your web browser, allowing us to identify your computer on subsequent visits to our website. They are crucial for the proper and secure functioning of certain parts of our website. Cookies also enhance your experience by making interactions faster, easier, and more customized, and they help us understand website usage patterns. They can tailor content and advertising to your preferences.

Cookies gather some personal information each time you visit our websites. You have the option to accept or decline various types of cookies through your device’s browser settings. If you continue using our websites without modifying these settings, we will apply cookies as described in the following sections. To make an informed decision, it’s important to understand the role of different cookies and their impact on your online experience. This section aims to provide a concise overview and explain how disabling certain cookies will affect your experience on our websites.

Most cookies we use are “session cookies,” which get deleted automatically after your browsing session ends. However, we also use “persistent” cookies, which remain on your hard drive. These cookies help us recognize you as a returning visitor when you revisit our site or app. While the cookie itself doesn’t contain personally identifiable information, it does send an ID to our server, allowing us to link the cookie to your profile. This enables us to update the homepage with what’s new or changed since your last visit.

The cookies we use fall into the following categories

Strictly Necessary Cookies: Making Our Websites Work

These cookies are crucial for seamless navigation across our sites and accessing secure areas. They also facilitate the optimal delivery of content suited to your device.

Lacking these cookies, you would lose access to your account, leading to potential malfunctions or inaccessibility of parts of our site. Examples of how we use these vital cookies include:

  • Enabling smooth movement through our site;
  • Optimally formatting content for your device and screen;
  • Ensuring consistent streaming settings like volume and viewing preferences.

Functionality Cookies: Enhancing Site Features

Functionality cookies help our sites remember your choices, like your selected region. They’re used to tailor your experience, for instance, by presenting different content to new versus regular visitors, integrating social media functionalities, or showing related articles based on your interests.

Without these cookies, you may face challenges using certain features, and the content may not seem as relevant. Some ways we use these cookies are:

  • Keeping track of completed surveys to avoid repetition;
  • Regulating the frequency of specific ads shown to you.

Analytical Cookies: Tracking Website Performance

Analytical cookies gather data on how our websites are used and their performance metrics, like visitor numbers, popular pages, and any encountered error messages.

Examples of using these cookies include:

  • Identifying trends in site navigation;
  • Ensuring content remains current and relevant;
  • Counting views on pages or emails for content effectiveness;
  • Enhancing website functionality.

These cookies don’t hinder your ability to enjoy all our website features.

Web Beacons (Tracking Pixels)

Our sites and some emails use web beacons or tracking pixels. These invisible images count views on pages or emails, aiding in the effectiveness of our marketing. They are anonymous and don’t collect identifiable information.

Targeting Cookies: Personalized Marketing & Advertising

These cookies tailor advertising and content to your interests, limit ad repetition, and measure campaign effectiveness. We also utilize them to test and refine our offerings, experimenting with different experiences among customer groups to determine preferences.

Without these cookies: You can enjoy all website features, but the ads shown won’t be personalized to your interests.

How and why we use your personal information

We utilize your personal information in various ways, which can be grouped into the following key areas:

  • Actions required to deliver the products or services you have requested.
  • Activities necessary to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Operations essential for the effective and efficient management of our business.
  • Marketing activities conducted with your explicit consent.

We’re sharing this information with you as European data protection law grants specific rights regarding your personal data. These rights vary based on the category your data falls into. This section aims to elaborate on each category, outlining the rights you hold, how you can exercise them, and their practical implications.

Providing our products and services

Naturally, we utilize your personal information to deliver our products and services, address your inquiries, and offer the highest quality of customer support. We also use technical details about your device, including its operating system, browser version, and location, to ensure you access the appropriate version of our website and to maintain its secure and proper functioning.

Like many businesses, we collaborate with external organizations, sharing your information with them as they assist us in providing our products and services.

Privacy Rights: Can I opt-out of having any of my data used in this way?

This category encompasses all activities that are crucial for us to deliver the services you engage with or subscribe to. If you prefer not to have your data used in this manner, the alternative would be to refrain from using our website.

Adhering to Legal and Regulatory Mandates

RealGambling is obligated to fulfill various legal and regulatory requirements, many of which necessitate the use of personal information and dictate specific retention periods for that information.

Additionally, we are bound by laws and regulations relevant to other facets of our business, such as handling complaints or conducting advertising and marketing. These areas also require the use of your personal information and set guidelines for how long we should retain it.

Privacy Rights: Can I opt out of having my personal information used in this way?

This category includes essential activities required for the legal and responsible provision of our products and services, in compliance with regulatory standards, and to safeguard both our customers and our business. Should you prefer not to have your data utilized in this manner, the alternative would be to opt out of using our website.

Running our business effectively and efficiently

We undertake specific operations to function effectively as a commercial organization. These activities, which may involve your personal information, are driven by our legitimate interest, and we conduct them with the utmost care to minimize any privacy impact.

European data protection law provides you with the ‘right of objection’ against activities in this category, particularly when your privacy rights supersede our legitimate business interests. While you retain the right to exercise this objection, it’s important to note that these activities are integral to our business. Choosing to object may consequently lead to the discontinuation of your use of our website.

Please review this section attentively to ensure your comfort with our practices before sharing your personal information with us.

Business Analytics

Our basic analytics aim to comprehend how, when, where, and why our customers use our services and to gauge our business performance. This analysis is vital for optimizing our advertising effectiveness, ensuring adequate staffing during peak periods, and gaining a broader understanding of our customer demographics (like age, gender, location) and their preferences in products and services. This helps us in developing more tailored and relevant offerings. Importantly, our analysis is conducted in a manner that doesn’t identify individual customers, thereby safeguarding the privacy of each person.

Privacy Rights: Can I Object to This?

As a business, monitoring our performance and meeting customer needs is essential. Since our methods are designed to anonymize individual identities, there is no direct impact on your privacy. Should you prefer not to have your data used in this manner, the alternative would be to refrain from using our website.

Giving you a more personal experience

Regardless of the products or services you choose, and the way you interact with us, our goal is to provide a consistently high-quality service that’s tailored to you. We customize your experience by adapting the layout and content of our sites based on your preferences and usage patterns. For instance, we might highlight features you frequently use or are likely to find useful and prioritize search results to display the most relevant ones first.

We also analyze aggregated, non-identifiable data about how customers use our products and features. Based on these insights, we recommend popular options that align with your usage patterns.

Privacy Rights: Can I Object to This?

We believe that personalizing your experience enhances both our website and your overall experience. Utilizing your personal data in this way allows us to offer you a superior customer experience without impacting your privacy. If you prefer not to have your data used in this manner, the alternative is to not use our website.

Please be aware that certain aspects of your customer experience are facilitated through cookies. If you’ve enabled cookies in your browser, we will personalize parts of our site, like remembering your location, and you have control over this through your browser settings.

Protecting our commercial interests

The majority of our users engage with our products and services appropriately. However, should we detect any account activity or behavior potentially harmful to our commercial interests, we will conduct an investigation.

Privacy Rights: Can I Object to This?

As a company, we have a legitimate interest in safeguarding our commercial interests from intentional misuse. We approach this with a method that is balanced against the risks involved and designed to have minimal impact on your privacy. If you prefer not to have your data utilized in this manner, the alternative is to abstain from using our website.

Market Research

From time to time, we may invite you to provide feedback on the services you’ve used or participate in customer surveys, questionnaires, or focus groups. We’ll reach out to you directly online or via email. Participation in these research activities is entirely voluntary. When involving a third party, we only share your contact details for the initial invitation and do not disclose any further information without your explicit consent.

Privacy Rights: Can I Opt Out of This?

Gathering customer feedback is crucial for any business. We ensure that our requests for feedback or research are limited in number and frequency per individual, and participation is always optional. Given these considerations, there’s no significant impact on your privacy, and hence, opting out of these occasional requests is not an option.

Things we do with your consent: Marketing

Direct Marketing

You will receive offers and information from us only if you have explicitly agreed to it. In such cases, we’ll contact you through email, mail, SMS, or online methods. We maintain the confidentiality of your data and never share it with third parties. Occasionally, we might collaborate with a third party to offer you products or services that could be of interest. However, any communication regarding this will always come directly from us. We assure you that your details will not be passed on to any third party without your prior consent.

Keeping it Relevant

Our goal is to enhance your betting and gaming experience, and a key part of this is providing you with information about products, services, and features that are both exciting and relevant to you. To achieve this, we personalize the offers and information we send you, tailoring them to suit your preferences. We do this by analyzing the information we have about you, allowing us to refine and customize the offers specifically for you.

Putting You in Control

We are confident that our customers prefer offers and information tailored to their interests, rather than generic advertisements. Therefore, we customize our marketing efforts based on the profile we’ve developed of you, which we believe benefits both you and us. However, data protection law grants you the right to opt out of this personal data usage for tailored marketing. You can exercise this option at any time. To fully opt out of this personalization, you will need to unsubscribe from all RealGambling messaging services. Despite this, your online experience will still be personalized based on your established profile, including:

  • Targeted pop-ups with products, services, and offers that match your interests.
  • Customized offers communicated through pop-ups or other on-site content.
  • Targeted messages on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, controllable through each platform’s privacy settings, and on other internet locations supporting targeted advertising.

We believe this approach offers a balanced solution: it allows you to opt out of marketing through offline channels (like post, email, and SMS), while still enhancing your online experience without missing out on benefits. However, if you prefer not to receive any personalized online messages or offers, the option is to discontinue using our website.

Additional Considerations:

  • We may still suggest products based on overall customer usage patterns of our sites and features, not on your individual information.
  • Some personalized banner ads on our sites are managed through cookies. Adjusting your browser’s cookie settings is necessary to avoid seeing these.
  • You might still encounter our adverts on other websites or social media platforms, but they won’t be specifically targeted at you.

Marketing: Keeping it relevant and putting you in control – At a Glance

Our marketing efforts are designed to be more engaging and relevant to you. Depending on your preferences, here’s how you can manage the personalized offers and information we send:

  • If you want to receive personalized offers and information via email, post, SMS, and online, ensure you’re opted in for direct marketing.
  • If you prefer personalized offers and information only when you’re online and not through email, post, or SMS, you’ll need to opt out of direct marketing.
  • If you’d rather not receive personalized offers and information both online and through email, post, or SMS, make sure to opt out of personalized marketing and adjust your cookie settings to prevent receiving banner adverts.

Remember, you always have the flexibility to change your preferences at any time.

Online Banner Adverts: Cookies

If you’ve activated cookies in your browser, you might see banner adverts on our website. These adverts rely on cookie data and are not customized using other information we have about you. Consequently, you may encounter them even if you’ve opted out of other forms of personalized marketing. However, you can conveniently manage these cookie-based adverts through your browser settings.

Advertising on social media

If you’ve consented to marketing, we might collaborate with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share information about our products and services with you. If you prefer not to see these advertisements, you can easily opt out by disabling preference-based marketing in the privacy settings of each respective social media platform.

Furthermore, even if you’ve opted out of personalized marketing from us, you may still encounter general advertisements for our group’s products and services on your social media feeds. These ads won’t be specifically targeted at you, and you can manage your exposure to them through the privacy settings on each social media platform.

Online Behavioral Advertising

Third-party cookies on our site gather information about your browsing habits, which is then aggregated with data from other users who share similar traits (like age, gender, location, etc.). This collective data is utilized to display online advertisements tailored to your interests. These ads may be for our products and services or those from third parties, a practice known as ‘Online Behavioral Advertising’.

Sharing your information

Third Party Casino & Sportsbook Operators

We do not disclose your personal information to casino and sportsbook operators. Instead, when you click on a link from our site to theirs, a cookie is placed to identify RealGambling as the referral source. Any personal information you subsequently provide to these third-party casino and sportsbook operators is managed according to their own privacy policies. Each operator has a distinct privacy policy, so we recommend reviewing the applicable policy to ensure you are comfortable with how your personal data will be handled before you open an account.

Companies that provide services on our behalf

We collaborate with external organizations that provide a variety of services on our behalf, aligned with the purposes outlined in this policy. Key functions that may be wholly or partially managed by third parties include:

  • Conducting and managing marketing campaigns.
  • Offering customer service support.
  • Performing checks to detect improper use of our products and services.
  • Providing web hosting, online content services, and data management.
  • Organizing competitions, contests, and special offers.
  • Conducting data analytics and data cleansing operations.
  • Undertaking market research and gathering or analyzing customer feedback.
  • Delivering IT services and support.
  • Providing audit, legal, and compliance-related services.

We ensure that the companies we partner with offer the same level of care and protection to your information as we do. Both we and these third parties are obligated to treat your information in compliance with data protection laws. Furthermore, we establish contractual measures to reinforce these obligations.

Other Circumstances in which we may share your personal data

Beyond the functions mentioned previously, we do not disclose your personal information to third parties unless legally required or allowed to do so. Such instances are uncommon but may involve sharing information with law enforcement agencies, courts, or other legal authorities, tax bodies for matters related to taxation, and sporting bodies for issues related to sporting integrity. This could occur in any country where we operate.

In situations where it’s necessary to protect or defend our rights and interests, address disputes, or enforce our agreements, we may share personal data with our regulators, external legal advisors, and debt recovery and tracing agencies. However, these situations are infrequent.

In the event of a change in ownership, reorganization, or restructuring of our business, your personal information may be transferred to the new owner or successor company. This ensures the continued provision of services you have requested.

Regardless of the circumstances, whenever we share personal information, we do so in compliance with legal requirements and with utmost consideration for your privacy.

How long do we keep your information?

We retain your personal information only for as long as necessary, based on valid legal grounds. These include delivering the services you have requested, complying with legal and regulatory obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing agreements.

The duration for which we keep different types of personal information varies. It depends on the purpose for which the information was initially collected, the processing needs, and applicable legal requirements. In determining our data retention and deletion schedules, we consider various factors such as gambling regulations, anti-money laundering rules, tax legislation, payment industry standards, standards for handling complaints, the necessity to prevent or detect crime or misuse of our services, and audit necessities.

After you stop being a customer, some of your personal data may need to be kept for a certain period to meet these various requirements and obligations.

Once your personal information is no longer needed for these purposes, we securely delete it. For data we retain for analysis, we anonymize it in line with the standards set by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP), ensuring it cannot be traced back to an individual. It’s important to note that if you choose to opt out of our marketing, we still need to maintain your contact details to exclude them from future marketing activities.

Staying in control of your personal information: your privacy rights

We respect the fact that your personal information is your information, so we want to be clear about what those rights mean in practice and how you can exercise them.

The right to opt out of having your information used for marketing

You have the option to opt out of receiving direct marketing at any time. Additionally, you possess the right to refuse the use of your information for the creation of a ‘profile’ utilized in our marketing efforts.

We are of the strong belief that our customers appreciate receiving offers and information that are pertinent and tailored to their interests. Consequently, all our marketing is customized to enhance relevance and engagement for our customers. In practical terms, this implies that if you choose to opt out of having your information used for personalized marketing, you will also need to opt out of all direct marketing communications from us.

The right to have any inaccuracies in your personal information corrected

You have the ability to update your personal details at any time. To assist us in assisting you, we kindly ask you to keep your contact information current and to inform us of any inaccuracies in the data we hold about you. If you encounter something you cannot modify online, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We will promptly correct any inaccuracies, aiming to address more complex changes within a month. In the event we decide not to implement a change you’ve requested, we will provide an explanation and record your request for the change on your account. Should you disagree with our decision, you are entitled to file a complaint with the privacy regulator.

Your right of objection

Under data protection law, you have the right to object to the activities described in the section titled ‘Running our business effectively and efficiently’ if you feel that your privacy rights surpass our legitimate business interests in conducting these activities. We encourage you to read this section thoroughly prior to contacting us. Please be aware that exercising your right to object typically implies that you will need to discontinue using our services. If you are not satisfied with our response to your objection, you retain the right to lodge a complaint with the privacy regulator.

Your right to erasure

Often referred to as the ‘right to be forgotten’, data protection law entitles you to request the erasure of your personal data in certain situations:

  • If it is determined by courts or regulators that we are processing your data unlawfully.
  • When the initial purpose for collecting your data is fulfilled and we have no other legitimate legal basis to continue holding it.
  • If you withdraw your consent to marketing and personalized marketing and request us to erase the data used for these purposes. In this scenario, we will either delete it from our marketing systems or completely anonymize it. However, your contact details will be retained to prevent future marketing.
  • If you have exercised your ‘right to object’ to an activity outlined in the section ‘running our business effectively and efficiently’ and requested deletion of the related data. As mentioned, objecting usually leads to discontinuation of website use. We may need to keep your data for a time even after account closure, unless legally or regulatorily required to erase it.

How to Exercise This Right:

Please review the sections ‘How long do we keep information’ and ‘your right to erasure’ carefully before reaching out. If you decide to proceed, contact us at [email protected]. We will respond within a month. Should we agree to your request and erase your data, we will, where possible, notify any third parties who have received this data and inform you of their identity. If we deny your request, we will explain why. In case of disagreement, you are entitled to complain to the privacy regulator.

The Right to access the data we hold about you

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of the personal information that Bonus Finder has on file for you, you can initiate your request here. We’ll provide you with a form to complete and return. While filling out this form isn’t mandatory, it assists us in accurately identifying and delivering the specific information you seek. To process your request, we’ll require valid proof of your identity. Once we have this, we aim to respond within a month. If your request is particularly complex and might take longer, we’ll inform you promptly and provide an estimated timeframe.

We strive to fulfill all requests whenever feasible. However, there are instances where local or European data protection laws may necessitate withholding certain information (such as data involving another individual or commercially sensitive information) or allow us to charge a nominal fee. Should either of these situations apply to your request, we will explain the reasons to you.

Your Right to ‘Data Portability’

The concept of ‘data portability’ is designed to empower consumers to reuse their personal information online by making it accessible in a commonly-used, machine-readable format that can be shared with and utilized by other organizations. While direct data porting between providers in the betting and gaming industry is not currently feasible, if you wish to exercise this right, please submit your request here, and we will furnish you with the following information in the form of a CSV file:

  • Personal and contact details stored in your online account.
  • Any other information you have furnished online (please note that this excludes details submitted on paper).
  • Information you have provided online in relation to complaints or inquiries.

Prior to responding to your request, we will request valid proof of your identity, and our response will be provided within one month from the date of receipt.

Your right to complain to the regulator

If you believe your privacy rights have been infringed, or you disagree with a decision we have made about your privacy rights, you have the right to complain to the privacy regulator.

In Canada: https://www.priv.gc.ca/en/

Links to third party sites

Our websites provide links to those of third parties. These organizations and sites will have their own privacy policies which will not be the same as ours so when you visit one of these sites, check that you are happy with their privacy policy before providing them with any personal information.

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He uses all his experience in the casino industry to write objective reviews and useful guides

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Updated: 2024 May 23

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