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Everything About The Best Poker Players In The World

Posted on: July 1, 2022. Last updated on: December 19, 2022 Best Poker Players In The World

Over the years, many bettors have played and won big at the top sites and physical casinos. Some of them have aced the game so well, that not only have they earned big amounts, but also gained a huge fan-base. After reading through this guide, gamblers wishing to play at the casinos will understand how the game of poker works and what strategies they can follow to win big. The successful moves made by the top players will inspire as well as guide them. So, breeze through this article as it would be interesting to see who had made it to this list.

Justin Bonomo, Virginia

Justin-BonomoHe started playing at the age of 16 after transferring a deposit of $500 at Paradise Poker. It earned a huge pot of $10,000, and after some years, Justin became the youngest player to feature at the table event on television. He took home around $40,815, and since then, the position is still retained by him. Across 20 events, he has won the first position, which includes series like the 2018 WSOP Big One for One Drop, the 2012 EPT Grand Final. In 2018, he took home $20 million by playing three events.

Bryn Kenney, New York

Bryn KenneyHe is also known as Mega Crusher, and in 2019, he climbed up to the top position from the 8th spot. The transition in his games from 2007 to 2014 is huge, and he has also won the WSOP bracelet. Over the years, Bryn has played several poker games, and 2019 changed everything for him. On the Mega Crusher’s total wins, he earned the third position within a single night. In the history of poker tournaments, he has earned over $20 million.

Stephen Chidwick, Deal

Stephen ChidwickFrom December 2018 to August 2019, Stephen Chadwick, a British player, received the best gift of his life. He won the biggest prizes at different events, and it made him extremely popular. He is also known as Stevie444 and still plays the game. Stephen earns more amounts to date, and you can always see his name in the list of top players.

Phil Ivey, California

Phil IveyIn 2000, Phil won the first WSOP bracelet, and after that, he won nine of them. He has also received $1 billion by playing at seven different events. After Black Friday, he was away from gambling for a long time and returned in style in 2012. He earned the first position in the Aussies Millions Challenge by earning $250,000 and was one of the top two winners of 2014. It got the biggest prize of $3.5 million from this event.

David Peters, Ohio

David PetersIn 2003, after watching Chris Moneymaker winning a big revenue, David Peters also started exploring gambling. He became a prolific tournament gambler and enjoyed success over the years. He was born in 1987 and started playing at a young age. After winning two bracelets in 2020 and 2016, Peters claims the 50 cash finishes in the World Series of Poker. It also has qualified to the eight final tables.

Daniel Negreanu, Toronto

Daniel NegreanuFrom 2004 to 2013, he was named the player of the decade by the Global Poker Index. In 2014 and 2003, he won the last and first year of the decade. Presently, Canadians hold six bracelets of the World Series of Poker, cash amounts of at least $1 million and two World Poker Tour titles. The best part is he is the only gambler to win the World Series bracelets in Europe, Las Vegas, and Australia.

Erik Seidel, New York

Erik SeidelHe started playing the game before the boom in the online gambling sector took place. In 1988, at the WSOP Main Event, he occupied the second position. The interesting fact is his knockout has been appreciated in a popular movie, “Rounders.” Eight WSOP bracelets were won by the player and he is also given a position at the Poker Hall of Fame. It happened in 2010, and in 2011, he took over $6.5 million by winning two rounds in a week. He is the only player to get more than $5 million in multiple years including 2011, 2017, and 2016.

Wrapping Up

Taking cue from these popular players, you can also start gambling. Winning at casinos by playing different poker variations is not so difficult. If you haven’t tried this before, you should go for it. Several variations are also available at the poker games, and you will love to enjoy the games. It is a game of skill, and by learning the tricks, you can win big.


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